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Possibility of Case specific Form??


Dear Experts,

If I need to create a lowercase specific field form in which special charaters are not allowed. Please suggest if this is possible in Episerver CMS.

If yes, via Editor studio or via code level changes?

Thanks in Advanced



Aug 06, 2021 5:06

You can add a regular expression in a textbox field in Episerver Forms. So just create the pattern you want that only support lowercase without characters and add it in there as shown below

Image: Text element, Content tab

Aug 06, 2021 9:24

Thanks much for your response, Scott.

I am quite new to this and not sure about this fully, Could you please help me to create regualr expression for this lower case & Non special charater or else if any example of making this regular expression validator can help.

thanks in advanced.



Edited, Aug 06, 2021 9:38
Scott Reed - Aug 06, 2021 9:59
Regex aren't my strong point and I'm about to go in to meetings. is a useful place to get some off the shelf ones. can help too
DG - Aug 06, 2021 13:13
Thanks for the URL's Scott, I am checking them if I can get something.

Something like this?

^[a-z ]*$

And if you don't want to allow space:


Edited, Aug 06, 2021 11:08


I think its working correctly with above suggested pattern and allowing only small charater not capital.

But something wrong with special charater format, Above suggested one also works for special charaters? As I need to get Special characters skip in same field also.

Thanks in advanced.



Aug 06, 2021 13:11
Dejan Caric - Aug 06, 2021 13:33

I'm not sure I understand your question.
The above regex will only allow ASCII characters in the range from a to z.
Could you post some screenshots which show things that are not working correctly and the expected result? Thanks
DG - Aug 09, 2021 6:16
Hello Dejan,

I checked to post error screen shot, it looks to be issue related with some partner company association mandate for me or else i can't post the images.

But anyways, What I mean is, With suggest expression it is working fine for small/lower case entries condition but regarding Non allowance of special characters, Is it possible that expression also to include in this? or will that go into a separate one.

Actually I need a field which should not allow special characters and should only allow lower case letters.


Dejan Caric - Aug 09, 2021 15:02

That regular expression doesn't allow special characters. If you want to allow special characters, simply add them inside square brackets.

For example, this regular expression allows lowercase characters from a - z, exclamation mark, and a dollar sign, but no other special characters like dot, question mark, etc:


Hope this helps!
DG - Aug 10, 2021 9:04
Thanks Dejan
This is working.

Dejan Caric - Aug 10, 2021 9:22
Glad to help :)
DG - Aug 19, 2021 4:53
Dear Dejan,
Thanks for your help on this last time. Just addition to that if you can help to understand.

Is it possible to generate a Form number? does the form have a id counter or anything like that? if yes, is possible to send this number with the solicitation?

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