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Slow Caching problem


Hi there,

I'm one of the admins of a webshop in the Netherlands. We are working with products and promotions that variate from week to week. The problem now is that when i add a product, and i want to add a promotion, i have to wait a full day before episerver and commerce have added the product and the promotion is visible (from price and a now price in this case)

My question is, why if i add a product is the product not directly visible (or a change in text and/or image)  and is there a way to change that that changes are visible real time?

I know that you can't compare episerver with other cms systems but other cms sytems, changes are directly visible. Why not in Episerver? (and ofcourse, is there a way to change that? )

Mar 05, 2014 9:26

Are you using some kind of (custom) caching for your products on the frontend? If so, do you clear/update that cache when the catalog is updated?

Or maybe you have very high caching values in your

Mar 05, 2014 10:31

not that i know of.
I know that the functions "Clear Episerver Cache" and "Clear Commerce Cache" are availlable. But those won't fix the fact that if i create a product, and i want to create a promotion for that specific product, i can't find the product at all that needs to be linked to the promotion.
Also when changing, creating products, it takes ages to apear on the website.

A big risk is when i add a product that has a price "2499,-" and i make a typo (it can happen) which makes it 249.9 for example. And i notice that on the webshop, it takes ages after i changed it, to show the correct price.
(and this goes for the text with the product aswell).. is this something known? Or are there ways around it?

Mar 05, 2014 11:02

That is not normal behaviour.

What search provider are you using? When setting up a promotion the search provider is used for the product pick dialog. If they don't show up there it could be that you have a search provider that needs indexing and you haven't run the indexer after creating the product. Try starting it manually from Commerce Manager > Administration > System Settings > Search Index, if it fixes the problem you might want to check your schedule interval for the indexer.


For the public website, if you use data from the indexer to run the public site it could be the same error as above. If not, try disabling output caching and see if that helps.

Mar 05, 2014 12:02

I agree with Mattias. When you cannot find a newly created product within your promotions, your search index is most likely not up to date. I have seen this happen with R2 when the quartz service was not installed.

Mar 05, 2014 13:14


Mattias and Jeroen have right suspection. This should be a problem with search index has not been built. I assume that you're using Commerce R3a, which requires the admin/editor to explicitly build/rebuild the index to make the product appears in the search result when creating order/promotion.

Please note that Commerce 7.5 and above does not require this anymore, but you still need to make sure that the search index queue is running properly.



Mar 06, 2014 5:37

Thank you all for the information, this helps to understand commerce and episerver a lot for me already.

I believe we have EpiServer CMS 7.0.586.24 and the new commerce indeed.  Now the site has been built by a company in the Netherlands and is also maintained by them. I am Administrator and have most rights but not all rights unfortunatly. So i have a feeling, that the search index queue is a part that i can't controll with my rights.

Anyway thank you for the information. I'll start contacting that company for more action. (and if they have a fix, i'll try to get the info from them and post it here aswell as a reference for others)

Mar 06, 2014 9:16
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