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Commerce Manager and what's supported


For every new API change or update Commerce Manager seems to get more and more left behind. Basic order management, taxes, authorization or other normal features and customizations that you can expect will be in any e-commerce project tend to work fine in the frontend site, but we then find out that the new API or new way of doing things is not yet supported in Commerce Manager, or you need to hack it in order for it to work there as well. For us this causes a lot of pain, balancing between uisng the new recommended APIs and best practices, keeping support in CM, and not having to change or rewrite things few months later. And it seems that partner developers are not the only ones, but also Episerver's own developers struggle to keep up. Here are just two simple examples: Disabling serializible carts in Quicksilver and this question about custom ITaxCalculator implementation and CM.

A detailed documentation overview page that shows exactly what's supported and not supported in CM, with links and recommendations would at least make this somewhat easier. In addition prioritizing and fixing up CM of course.



Feb 08, 2017 21:27

On a specific issue - Commerce Manager in 10.3 will support new cart system fully and the flag will be enabled by default.

The calculators will also be updated (but not so soon), so they will be suppored by CM as well.

We try to keep CM up to the new features as much as possible, but that's a heavy burden (we have to balance between the new features, bug fixes and backward compatibilities, given our time and resources). If there is anything that does not work for you - let us know and we will act on it.

Feb 08, 2017 22:18

Thanks Quan. We can't wait for 10.3 to come out, we have at least 3 different customers who have reported bugs and are waiting for fixes in that release. I appreciate all the work you and the other developers are doing, and can understand the hard work at keeping CM up-to-date. But for us it would be very helpful to know things like new Cart system being enabled by default in CM 10.3. This means that when we're evaluating how to implement and solve something we know if it works in CM or not. I appreciate that you can fix something within a couple of weeks later, but sometimes even that's a long time for a production site. 10.3 is a long awaited release for us, that will have some big $$ impacts for some of our customers (for instance where 20% of orders are phone orders created in CM).

All I'm asking is an up-to-date go to overview where we can see what works and what doesn't in CM, and even if something is fixed in an upcoming planned release. Now this information is spread around and hard to find without contacting Episerver Support on everything.



Feb 09, 2017 16:16

Just to clarify - the flag will be enabled by default for *new* sites. If you upgrade from older sites it will keep the setting as-is.

I hear you - I will discuss this with our colleagues to improve the communication in the future. The new cart system is quite special case as we wanted it to be out ASAP as there are some high demands on the new feature. Perhaps the release notes were not clear that the support in CM would come later.

Regarding 10.3 - we are hard at work to get that out and it should be available next week (of course, never take my words for promise :) )



Feb 09, 2017 16:26

Thanks Quan! Appreciate it :)

Feb 09, 2017 16:31

@Quan, Frederik has some good points here.

What I see lacking is especially examples of how we can use the new api to handle a lot of the processes that "in the old times" was handled by the OrderStatusManager. To be more precise I'm referring to OrderStatusManager.CompleteShipment(order) and OrderStatusManager.CancelOrder(order).  

Feb 13, 2017 9:10

Yes, we hear you. The new order system is not "final". We are continously adding new features/bug fixes to it. I will add something to our backlog regarding OrderStatusManager and we will discuss how/when to implement it. 

As always, your feedbacks are welcome to make a better Commerce framework.

Feb 13, 2017 9:20

Just my 2 cents, as long as CM is around, I don't think a new feature or change to an API should be released, or be out of beta, when not fully supprted by CM, if the new/changed functionality has an impact on CM that is.

Feb 13, 2017 14:38

Just a follow up, we just started to work on supporting order handling in new abstraction APIs. Of course it will take a while to be released, but it's happening.

If you have comments on suggestions on the subject, feel free to reply to this thread. 

Dec 14, 2017 16:56
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