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Payment fees - 10.1.1



We are currently using the DIBS payment gateway ( as the only means of payments on our site. 
Is it possible to add a fee on the payment in EPiServer, based on the chosen payment type sent to DIBS? 


Edited, Feb 02, 2017 11:54


I don't think that is possible. You have to include the cost in the total amount of the order. The question is for which article. I would imagine you to have your own IOrderGroupEx inherit from IOrderGroup to add a new field and update the calculators to set that field (PaymentFee etc.) 

In short, no, I don't know a working solution, and I'm also interested if someone want to share a solution for this.


Feb 02, 2017 13:42

The way we normally solve it is to have custom logic that sets the HandlingTotal on the IOrderForm depending on what payment type is chosen. We don't use the Handling for anything besisdes payment fees.

We do however have our own calculators for order total and tax calculations, whether or not IOrderForm.HandlingTotal is taken into account by the default calculators i can not say.


Feb 02, 2017 15:33

As of release 10.1.0 ( of Episerver Commerce Handling cost is included in the calculation of order total. See bug

This topic was also discussed here:


Edited, Feb 02, 2017 15:55
<p>Me and my bad memory.&nbsp; &gt;.&lt;</p> <p>Do you know if it works with the tax calculations now too?</p>
Feb 02, 2017 16:03

No idea unfortunately Erik. 

Feb 02, 2017 17:32

For your information, was fixed and released in 10.1.0.

And IMO, it's great idea if you use IOrderForm.HandlingTotal (y)

/Son Do

Edited, Feb 03, 2017 4:58
<p>The problem with using HandlingTotal (not that there is any other way to avoid it) is that it is ignored in the tax calculations.</p> <p>In fact as far as my knowledge goes there is no way to configure the handling/payment vat rate in episerver it only supports vat for shipping and items.</p> <p>Implementing your own ITaxCalculator is propably the only way to adhere to swedish law and avoid the IRS.</p>
Feb 03, 2017 15:17
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