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Synchronize development enviroment with public

What files and folders to move, dlls and so on? What to export/import? Is it possible to synchronize two SQL servers? What I am really looking for is a step to step guide for synchronizing two EPiServer installations:)
Aug 08, 2005 10:55
Hello Kristofer! This is quite a tricky question as it depends on how much you want to update. I guess your question could be divided to two parts: 1. How do I update the development templates and site settings between two sites? 2. How do I update/synchronize the content for two websites? Answer to question 1: For the first question there are a couple of ways to move the template files. 1. Use the copy project function in VS.NET to copy the files needed. This requires you to have access to the updated templates as well as the production server. Compile the project in release mode before you do this. 2. Use nant and set up a build file that copies all files required. This takes a bit more work to understand and set up but it's great once it's done. 3. Copy the files manually to the server. What files should you copy then? Well, normally you want to copy all changed aspx, ascx, gif, jpg and your dll:s. (There could of course be other file types depending on your web site and templates). For structural changes to the site (page types, tabs, categories etc) I would recomend using the export/import function in admin mode. Answer to question 2: In EPiServer 4.50 there is a function to be able to synchronize content called "Content Mirroring". More information about this can be found in the tech note section: If you want the second web site to have identical content as the first web site I would either backup/restore the entire database or do a export/import to copy the content. Please consider that this will flush everything on the second web site, including access rights. I hope this is enough to understand this and to make a decision of what to do.
Sep 01, 2005 18:22
Hi. Also see this FAQ for more details on how to move content and files between environments. Frank :)
Sep 05, 2005 19:41
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