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Invalid XForms?

Hello. I just created a form using XForm. It's pretty basic, consisting of labels, textfields, checkboxes, and a button. Once I try to store it, I get the message "Ugyldig skjema"(Norwegian, which translates to something like Invalid/Illegal Form). However, the messages states no reason as to why it is illegal. Naturally, I'd rather not have to delete the form, recreate it, and waste time ending up with yet another illegal form. So, I am hoping someone has encountered this, and can perhaps offer assistance in how to find out where my form fails, why it does so, and how to fix it! ;) Regards, Terje Barstad Olsen
Sep 23, 2005 11:46
Well, I found out that simply adding a CheckBox to the form, breaks it. Remove any checkboxes, and everything works fine.
Sep 23, 2005 13:00
Hello Terje! There is currently a bug that clears the value input box when opening the properties for a multiple options input if there is only a single alternative. If the field is saved without reentering the value the form will be parsed incorrect and you will get the error. It's still possible to add check-boxes but you will just have to reenter the value(if you only have one value) if you have to edit the properties for the field. This bug is fixed in EPiServer 4.51. There is also a bit more trickier bug that can appear if you enter a value including the ' character as this breaks the editors javascript. Unfortunately we have not fixed this bug in 4.51.
Sep 29, 2005 13:31
Thank you for your answer Linus. So, if I understand things correctly, it is impossible (as of 4.50) to add check boxes or radio buttons that do not contain alternatives. (In other words, it is impossible to create these components without adding text to them)? Please feel very free to correct me if I am wrong here, I am hoping I am :)
Sep 30, 2005 10:32
I'm sorry to say that it is not possible to add check boxes or radio buttonts without any alternatives in 4.50 and this is a feature "by design" and not likely to be changed. We do, however, have a feature request that is to split the value and the text shown so this might fix your problem but I can't say when we fix this although it has a pretty high priority.
Oct 07, 2005 9:32
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