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PageLink page property



Is it possible to limit which pages a user can select within the page tree when setting a pagelink?

As an example, I want the user to only be able to link within a certain section of the site they're creating. I'd like the news home page to have a "featured article" link that is set by the user in the CMS, but when setting it only children of the news home page are shown available for selection.

Hope the above makes sense!

Jun 16, 2008 12:20

Hi Adam!

No, the only limitation on what pages will be selectable for the user is their access permissions - if theyre allowed to *see* the page, they can also *select* it in the link tool.

You would have to develop a new custom property (inheriting from PropertyPageReference) and in it (and its coupled PropertyDataControl) enfore such restrictions yourself.

Johan Olofsson

Jun 16, 2008 15:54

Ah, cheers for the reply. I think I'm halfway there.

I've already created a custom property that inherits from PropertyPageReference. In the SetupEditControls method I'm creating a new instance of InputPageReference - do I need to hook into the databind method of this to stop rendering of all unwanted nodes in the page tree? 

Jun 16, 2008 16:30


 Well, its a little trickier than that because the InputPageReference just opens a "dialog" with the /UI/Edit/PageBrowser.aspx url, and you would probably want to adjust *that* code rather than the InputPageReference.

As this is not easily done, I think you are better off writing your own implementation of PageBrowser that sets the RootPage according to your logics and insert scrit to call that page in your propertycontrols override CreateChildControls().



Jun 16, 2008 17:03
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