Extending the RssControl class


I'm new to both ASP.NET and EPiServer (5.2.).

I'd like to add a some of the optional fields from the RSS feed xml to be displayed. All I have found out so far is the the 'Container' object in the ItemTemplate doesn't have other rss feilds than "Description", "Link" and "Title". The closest I've got to a solution so far is that the Doc property seems to contain the complete feed document. But using that means parsing the entire doc by hand, right ?

Any ideas on how to display "category" and "pubDate" ?

Sep 04, 2009 13:06
BTW, is it possible to get the source code for EPiServer RSSControl ?
Sep 15, 2009 15:43

Now - are there other alternatives to display RSS feeds without having to write the entire ting myself ?

No ?

Sep 24, 2009 9:38

Since that control was written Microsoft has added great support for working with feeds directly in .NET framework so you don't have to write the parsing yourself, see the SyndicationFeed class and if you google for it will find plenty of examples.

Hope that helps.

Sep 24, 2009 14:20

Thanks, looks promising !

I'll look into it !

Edited, Sep 29, 2009 19:37
Helo, we are working with the same problem. Could you please write what solution you end up with?
Oct 01, 2009 12:34

Hi !

I will get back to this thread once I've got something done.

There are a few other more important tasks to be dealt with right now...

Oct 01, 2009 16:07

Well, I finally made it !

What I'm a little uncertain of, is whether this solution is ok: I simply copied EPiServer source extracted by .NET Reflector, and modified this source into a new set of classes that contained the missing fields. I'm not gonna sell it or anything, but...

Feb 11, 2010 14:53
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