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Simple web address problem in different languages


Dear All,

I have come across with a problem using simple webaddress for a page in multiple languages in CMS6.

My scenario is i am using the same simple address name for UK and my US site, but they are under different
tree node. When i do this, it just never reaches the code and gets stuck in an endless loop and finally throw a 404 page.

For example
Under UK Language:-
I have page under my Start Page called Legal Information and i am defining a simple web address for it i.e. Legal
Uner US language :-
I have a page under About-us called legal information and i am defining the same simple web address for it i.e. Legal

if i type,  or, it just gets stuck in an endless loop and it never read my codes.
and finally throw a 404 page. The problem gets fixed as soon as i remove or change the "Legal" in any one of the language.

Can anyone please explain how to get rid of this.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Sep 01, 2010 11:43

When you have a multilingual site I guess it's logical to make the assumption that a simple address points to the same page only differed by language. So having two pages with the same simple address would be incorrect.




Sep 01, 2010 17:12

Thanks for your reply, I do not agree with your point.

We have US, UK and AU language setup and logically their simple page name can be similar except the contents. Please if someone can reply me.

Many thanks. 

Sep 02, 2010 13:45
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