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How can I bind a category to a specific page?


I want to bind categories to pages -- I want to have a page in the content tree for selected categories, which displays the content assigned to those categories.

I don't need (or want) this for every category (so a virtual page provider probably isn't the solution -- I know that exists).

I have everything worked out except for one detail --

How do I specifiy a page to be THE listing for a particular category? I need a way to say, "THIS page is the authoritative page for THIS category."

For instance, on a news article, my client wants to display all the categories the article is assigned to.  This isn't hard, but to link those categories to their pages, I need a way to "bind" a category to a page, so I know where to send the link.

I have a couple ideas in mind, involving custom properties, but I was curious if anything else has done something like this, and what their solution was?

Jan 14, 2011 19:01

Not sure I got exactly what you're aiming for but here it goes:

Couldn't you use the Start page or something similar of which there is only one (this could be a specific page or container specified on the start page) to store subpages or a link collection. Each page in the link collection/container is itself categorized with one of the categories. Getting that collection of pages and selecting the one responsible for the category should be fairly simple. It is of course still possible to categorize more than one of those pages with the same category or more than one category, but at least it's in a central location where you can get a fairly easy overview. Or is there a reason you need to really block editors from doing this?

Jan 14, 2011 20:14

Every category have 2 fields of data (name, description).  in the category tree, you could use one of those to be a url, so if description starts with a / that category is bind to a page, and you could show that as a link....

Jan 14, 2011 21:40
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