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Website structure


Hi, I'm working on a new EPiserver 8 CMS project. It'll be a multisite multilanguage website. I muat work with two licenses, one for brand1, and another for brand2.

So my requirements are:

- two brandings (brand1 and brand2) with two Episerver licenses.

- For each brand, there are 4 countries. So I would like to access with url: www.brand1.c1 (c1 is a country)

- For each country, there must be more than one language, for example: 

   www.brand1.c1/en (brand1 for country c1 in english), www.brand1.c1/ar (brand1 for country c1 in arabic)

   www.brand2.c1/en (brand2 for country c1 in english), www.brand2.c1/ar (brand2 for country c1 in arabic)

   www.brand1.c2/en (brand1 for country c2 in english), www.brand1.c2/ar (brand1 for country c2 in arabic)

- Content maybe different for each country for the same branding/language, for example:

  content in www.brand1.c1/ar is different from www.brand1.c2/ar, although I'm using same page types and blocks types

- I need some settings be different for each country (for example some menu options. Menu is defined like linkitemcollections to pages)

- Total sites: 8 websites, with 2 branch languages for each site.

www.brand1.c1/ar, en

www.brand1.c2/ar, en

www.brand1.c3/it, en

www.brand1.c4/es, en

www.brand2.c1/ar, en

www.brand2.c2/ar, en

www.brand2.c3/it, en

www.brand2.c4/es, en

So I need to define websites with Primary culture and some settings pages, is it possible to meet all my requirements with just 2 licences????



Nov 25, 2015 13:21

As far as I know this should be allowed according to the licensing model. But I'm not 100% sure though. You should contact EPiServer with your question. Send an email with your requirements to

Nov 25, 2015 14:33

Thank you Mattias for your answer, but can you give a step-by-step example on how to configure this structure???

I mean:

1) how must I work with the "Manage Websites" option???

2) how must I specify a settings page for each country ???

3) how would look like the page type tree structure ???


Nov 25, 2015 15:22
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