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PageChanged shows wronge date


Im working on EPiServer 5.1.422.123 and im having a hard time with the PageChanged property.
I have a page created 20.01.2010. It is changed (Save n Publish) 29.01.2010.
In the version list it clearly says 29.01.2010.
When hovering over the page in the pagetree menu (left side in editview) the Changed: property says 20.01.2010.
Debuging the page, the page.Changed says 20.01.2010. Using["PageChanged"] results in same date (20.01.2010).

//Arnt Grøstad

Jan 29, 2010 8:41

Edit: I also mark the page as changed...

Jan 29, 2010 9:53

Is this for an existing page or a new page? Do you get the same behavior on new pages you create? Does this occur for only a certain page type or for all?

Jan 30, 2010 12:22

And you are sure you have marked page as changed :)

Jan 30, 2010 20:33

Hi. This is for existing pages.
Adding new pages seems to work fine. Changes done on new pages seems to be showing in view-mode at an instance.
This is an Enterprise solution (CMS 5.1). One startpage (mySite1) have a pageproperty set to the news-node from another startepage (mySite2).
Adding news pages to mySite2 will result in showing new news at an instance for that startpage.

BUT, listing pages on mySite1 will NOT detect that a new pages is added in mySite2 - newspages.
Usually takes several hours before it shows.

Feb 14, 2010 12:46

Found it.


<add name="EventSubscriberHostModule" type="EPiServer.EventSubscriberHostModule, EPiServer" />

Mar 01, 2010 13:37
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