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How to remove validation options in Edit Mode?


I'm making a custom Form Element of "Date" type, so I'm extending "TextboxElementBox" like so...

public class DateElementBlock : TextboxElementBlock
    public DateElementBlock() : base() { }

My custom element will be 

<input type="date" />

but because I'm extending TextboxElementBlock the editor displays a few validation options...

which are not appropriate. I did TRY and create a custom element with a custom validator, but the client side custom error message is not displayed correctly, so I figured as the browser will ensure that the "date" field will have a proper date if it has anything in it at all, so If I could remove all the validation options above except the "Required" validator then my problem would be sorted.

I tried to override the value returned by 

public override string Validators {get;set;}

inside  DateElementBlock.cs, but that only returns a list of ACTIVE validators, so it doesn't control the list of validators presented to the editors.

I think this may require a dojo solution, and I've already inspected the zip files ( and and I'm hoping it works similar to adding a custom element (copy ascx/js file from zip into correct folder location). 

Anyone done anything similar in the past?

Apr 08, 2019 17:42

Hi Noel

The Episerver Forms samples code has a date/time element that you might be able to use for inspiration: 


Apr 08, 2019 18:06

Thanks David, browsing that code showed me "AvailableValidatorTypes" (which is the answer I needed)

my element's full *.cs file source:

[ContentType(DisplayName = "Date Picker", GroupName = "Basic Elements", GUID = "...")]
[AvailableValidatorTypes(Include = new Type[] { typeof(RequiredValidator) })]
public class DateElementBlock : TextboxElementBlock
    public DateElementBlock() : base() { }

    public override string PredefinedValue { get { return base.PredefinedValue; } set { base.PredefinedValue = value; } }

    public override string PlaceHolder { get { return base.PlaceHolder; } set { base.PlaceHolder = value; } }
Edited, Apr 09, 2019 10:24
Praful Jangid - Aug 28, 2021 17:59
Thanks Noel, for sharing code. This helped me.

Excellent glad it helped Noel :)!

Apr 09, 2019 12:34
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