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Epi Find- Serach Pages and Document.


Hi All,

I am very new in epi-find.

I wanted to search result with Pages and documents (from global assets i.e. App Data folder).  

How could I achive that?

Secondly, when I re-build the index showing 0 global asset content indexed. How could I idex the files well.

Please suggest step by step. 

Please help as as possible.



May 29, 2017 12:54

Hi Abhishek,

For indexing follow this link:,

Follow below links for easy understanding about Find;




Edited, May 30, 2017 7:43

Thanks for the response Uday!

Actualy my quwetion was , after rebuilding th eindex ,in log message showing 0 globalasset and other content indexed. Only PageData get indexed peroperly.

I have few document and images in my App_Data folder which is out of the site folder.

Please suggest me how I can get these file/document in serach result.



May 30, 2017 11:48

Here my indexing job indexing pages properly.

But not indexing Global Asset folder.

Any suggestion please.



May 31, 2017 13:00


This article explains how to index assets in Find version 12: Does it answer your questions?

(The dropdown on that page lets you find documetation for previous versions of that topic.)

May 31, 2017 17:11

Hi Bob,

Actually my requierment is very simple. 

I am uplaoding document  by uisng Episerver  Media uploader in APP_DATA folder. There are some documents.

After that I made entry in Application start as : ContentIndexer.Instance.Conventions.ForInstancesOf<IContentMedia>().ShouldIndex(x => true); 

From admin mode when I run the indexing job, it shows me zero global assets content indexed. See messaeg below.

Indexing job [Main Site] [content]: Reindexing completed. ExecutionTime: 0 hours 0 minutes 16 seconds Number of contents indexed: 95
Indexing job [Global assets and other data] [content]: Reindexing completed. ExecutionTime: 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds Number of contents indexed: 0

I wanted to  see my uplaoded documet in App_data folder in search result.

Am I missing any configuration here?

Please hel me.



Edited, Jun 12, 2017 18:19
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