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Create Dynamic Property from code


I can easily read/edit a dynamic property from code:

			DynamicProperty prop = DynamicProperty.Load(PageReference.RootPage, "MyDynamicPropety");
prop.PropertyValue.Value = theValue;

This works fine if the property already exists - and otherwise crashes with a null reference exception (the Load() method returns null). How can i create the dynamic property if it does not already exist?

May 18, 2011 14:04

First, you should NEVER use DynamicProperty class to read a dynamic property because it not using the caching layer!

The correct way to read a property (both user-defined on the page and dynamic properties) is to go through the PageData class:

var value = CurrentPage["MyDynamicPropety"];
string value = CurrentPage["MyDynamicPropety"] as string;
int value = (int)(CurrentPage["MyDynamicPropety"] ?? 0);

To add or change the defenitions you have to work with the class PageDefinition.Try to create a new PageDefenitionclass and set PageTypeID to 0 to indicate that this is a dynamic (=global inheritable) property.

A word of warning: Changing Page Type Definitions in runtime is considered not to be best practice for several reasons. I do hope you have a very good reason of doing this! Consider using another approach if possible, maybe by using DDS.

May 18, 2011 15:43

If you dont want to go through the pagedata class you can use this function

public PropertyData GetPropByPageRef(string propName, PageReference pageRef, string langID)
    var props = new PropertyDataCollection();
    props.Add("PageLanguageBranch", new PropertyString(langID));
    props.Add("PageLink", new PropertyPageReference(pageRef));
    return DynamicPropertyCache.DynamicPropertyFinder.FindDynamicProperty(propName, props);



May 18, 2011 20:26
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