SiteHost language selection doesn't work with simple urls?

Hi all, We are developing a globalized web site where several pages should be accessible through a simple address. A particular simple address should go to the same page and the host name should decide which language version of the page should be displayed. Example: <- swedish version of the page gotopage><- english version of the page the language selection through hostnames works well except when using simple addresses like this. instead of going to the correct language version of the "gotopage" page, it always goes to the latest saved version of the page. is this the expected behaviour of simple addresses or is it a bug in episerver? this is causing some concerns, because we really need to have the same simple url for different language versions, and let the domain name decide which langauge should be displayed. any thoughts about this would be greatly appreciated. thanks, christoffer>
Jan 14, 2008 17:59
Try upgrading to SP1 first, I know we have had some issues with too aggresive caching in the release. And what does your domain to language configuration look like in web.config ?
Jan 23, 2008 17:07

I am also having this exact same problem with CSM5 R2 SP2. I got a new DLL with fileversion 5.2.375.238 that was supposed to fix this but it doesnt work anyway...

Nov 12, 2009 12:53

Has there been any resolution to this.  I am also having the same problem.

Feb 05, 2010 14:37

Hi. I belive i had the same issue. the sql query that resturns the shortname uri only returns one entry. In an enterprise enviroment you can have the same simple uri for different domain names.

Edited, Feb 18, 2010 12:36

I have the same problem. "" goes to a norwegian page.

  <add name="" language="sv" />
  <add name="" language="no" />
  <add name="" language="sv" />
  <add name="" language="no" /> 
  <add name="*" />

*EDIT: This turned out to be a problem with the so-called agressive caching, solved using hotfix*

Edited, Jul 26, 2010 12:29

Eskild: Can you give me a link to this hotfix since I have a similar problem. My danish site links to the swedish sometimes and vice versa. :/

Oct 04, 2010 15:22

And did it work correctly for you? I'm still having troubles after the hotfix. :/

Oct 04, 2010 16:02

Have you added it to the GAC in addition to adding it to the project? Worked for me.

Oct 04, 2010 16:16

Eskild: We got a new hotfix from EPiServer and added it to the GAC and it worked like a charm. :) Thanks for the help!

Oct 06, 2010 15:27
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