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About Content Marketing

With all the marketing platform options out there, it can become difficult to keep your tech stack under control. Optimizely Content Marketing (previously known as Welcome) provides seamless integrations into leading systems to become your central operating system — helping you get the most out of your existing tech stack. If you are interested in getting started for free, start by clicking the link below. 

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How it works

What is Marketing Orchestration and how does it work? Watch this video to learn more about Marketing Orchestration and how Optimizely Content Marketing can help your team manage assets and content cross-functionally. Content Marketing has many features which makes it perfect for large scale or small projects and teams. Select your favorite integrations from the integrations catalog for a seamless digital experience. Click here to learn more about the product, plans, and other resources. Here are the three main areas of integration:


Content Marketing integrations map directly to the way your team works across the full marketing campaign and content lifecycle — helping you at every stage of the process. Extend the capability of the Content Marketing platform using our open API. Integrate your way with any system in your tech stack. 


Content Marketing has Codeless Connectors that are purpose-built solutions designed to map to common use cases and give you the freedom of choice to integrate with the tools your team uses daily. Connect to Content Marketing webhooks and 'listen' for key events. These key 'events' in Content Marketing trigger webhooks to call your API client application. For example - when an asset is published to the library, the webhook for 'asset_added' is triggered. Once your application is registered with Content Marketing, we forward the event to your client so it can be processed.

Public API

Content Marketing's open API extends the functionality of our Connectors, helping you push (and pull) content and data between systems — even your unique, homegrown tools. This public API is fully documented at What you'll find with our API that is industry standard is that it is REST-based, JSON formatted, OAuth 2.0 compliant, and is fully supported with self-service client registration in the Content Marketing platform. (You can also find the documentation to register your client in our knowledgebase here).

What is unique about Content Marketing's open API is:

  • Provides several opportunities for in-app communication (ex. Comments and Error messages can be 'pushed' to the user interface).
  • Comes with compatible webhooks which help integrators maintain a near real-time bi-directional data flow from beginning to end.
  • Clear, concise, generic and reusable data models which can be shared between your other applications (ex. Images vs Articles)

Top Features


Integration with Optimizely's products creates the best combination of content marketing platforms (CMP), marketing resource management (MRM), and digital asset management (DAM) capabilities together in a single solution. Sync brand assets between external DAMs and the Optimizely Content Marketing Library, ensuring version control and maximizing utilization. Then, create your content in Content Marketing and integrate your CMS for quick and seamless publishing. Check out the top features of Optimizley's Content Marketing below.

Digital Asset Management


  • Map your content taxonomy between Optimizely Content Marketing and other DAMs to maintain governance
  • Distribute and synchronize assets (e.g., new versions) in real-time
  • Enable internal stakeholders to easily navigate and find content
Content Management Systems


  • Push content directly to your preferred CMS — content hub or core website
  • Publish a variety of content formats (e.g. articles, images, videos, tables, interactive graphics)
  • Ensure content reaches the website through a single, approved channel.
DXP and CMP Integration


  • Optimizely Content Marketing has an array of deep and fully native integration technologies, including WordPress, Marketo, Salesforce, Veeva, and others.
  • You can also scale your integrations with serverless computing and codeless connectors.
  • For a full list of integration technologies, visit the integration catalog.