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Area: Ektron
Applies to versions: 9.20 SP1

Ektron 9.20 SP1 features

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Ektron Version 9.20 SP1 includes 17 cumulative updates with a total of over 50 issues addressed for version 9.20. It also includes performance improvements for various critical functions. Execution time in the Workarea was improved by 10-20%.

Episerver Social

You can now use Episerver Social with the Ektron system. Episerver Social is a robust, easy-to-use service for user-generated content. User-generated content drives engagement and conversions, and is the most effective way to increase credibility and loyalty with your customers. Episerver Social offers extremely high performance and reliability with a fluent and easy-to-use API – without the bloat and complexity of other platforms.

The modular design of the Episerver Social lets developers pair services together. Some examples are:

  • Ratings and reviews. Gather, manage, and display product ratings and reviews that help drive conversions and increase SEO.
  • Groups and activity streams. Build and organize meaningful social communities for your site, brand, and industry, including individualized content streams.
  • Comments and moderation. Review and moderate user-generated content with extensible workflow services to ensure context, usefulness, and compliance.

Ektron Workarea performance enhancements

Performance enhancements to the Ektron CMS Workarea user interface have been added to improve the overall experience for common activities such as viewing and navigating folders, viewing and editing content, as well as general navigation of the folder trees and general user interface.

Updates for frameworks and libraries

Several component frameworks and libraries have been updated to the latest available versions. For customers that may use these components within their sites for other needs, this helps to ensure compatibility where a shared component is important. Components and versions include:

  • jQuery version 3.1
  • Microsoft System.Web version 5.23
  • Microsoft System.Net.Http.Formatting version 5.23
  • Newtonsoft.Json version 10.02
  • Microsoft Enterprise Library version 6.00
  • Microsoft Unity Framework version 3.0

Note: For complete information about Ektron 9.20 SP1 features, see the Ektron Release Notes.

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Last updated: Jun 12, 2017

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