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Partner migration services

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Episerver put together resources to help you successfully transition your clients from Ektron to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service.

For business users, a cohesive document outlines the benefits, practices and considerations required for a successful upgrade project including how to think about content, preservation of SEO and more.

For developers and other technical users, two guides cover transfer of the site IA and content, respectively. These documents highlight the differences between the platforms in regards to content architecture and modeling, and discuss common scenarios likely to be encountered by technical staff.

Additionally, technology and developer evangelists, Allan Thraen and James Stout, have developed a two-part starter kit.

There also are third-party tools to help with your project. The companies listed in this topic offer software tools that provide ready-made data transfer options requiring only a small amount of configuration. You may want to consider using one of these options if your customer has:

  • A large amount of content
  • High variability in content (lots of types)
  • High velocity content (lots of updates)

These tools can take the total time from inception to transfer from six weeks or more of custom development and planning, down to two weeks or less. Moreover, each of these tools is capable of running multiple passes, which can minimize the burden of a content freeze; perfect for sites that are constantly experiencing content changes.


Siteport is an easy-to-use software package that helps Episerver partners move their Ektron customers to the Digital Experience Cloud, while streamlining the content workflow. It supports movement of menus, content, assets, and more. Siteport has a dedicated product development team that has proven their willingness to make important enhancements that address some of the most common challenges with Ektron’s content structure.

+1 562 606 1192


Kapow is a sophisticated and mature collection of tools designed to transition and transform content between systems. It can work directly with APIs, databases, and can even crawl and scrape content directly from the page to transform it into more sophisticated models. Kapow will be particularly useful for minimizing the content freeze window in high-velocity sites and for complex implementations that require a more deft and configurable solution.

Stephen Moore
Sales Executive
+1 512 241 3404

Episerver customer success

Episerver’s Customer Success division put together Expert Services solution accelerators to help you make your clients’ transition from Ektron to the converged Digital Experience Cloud quick and risk-free. These packages include:

  • A like-to-like move from Ektron CMS up to the latest version of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud (on-premise or cloud)
  • Migration of the customer’s CMS data to the updated Database format
  • Update of .NET templates from .NET Web Forms to MVC Project

Pricing for these packages is based on variables that include number and complexity of third-party integrations, content volume, number of templates, and whether the site includes Commerce functionality. For information or to receive a quote, contact  Drew Riordan (

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Last updated: Nov 17, 2016

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