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Feature Experimentation

In order to provide a fully customizable, proven digital experience for visitors, consider optimizing your applications. In other words, let’s not only test the website, let’s test everything! While Optimizely’s Web Experimentation product helps to test and optimize your web experiences, the Feature Experimentation product will help you go further by optimizing your development applications. Feature Experimentation (previously known as Full Stack) is a feature flagging and experimentation platform for websites, mobile apps, chatbots, APIs, smart devices, and anything else with a network connection. Some example applications include search results, promotions, payment options, recommendations, and much more.  

How it works

Optimizely Feature Experimentation is a feature flagging and experimentation platform that enables server-side testing with experiences decided in the backend that are sent to the user instantly. Users can turn on pre-programmed feature flags and decide on the percentage of users to which they would like to gradually roll out those features. This data is sent to the Project Datafile (JSON) which sends the request to the server SDKs, Client SDKs, and Optimizely Agent (Microservice). The Client SDKs and Optimizely Agent tracks the test and sends the results to Optimizely's experimentation platform.

Feature flags and tests can be set up in the browser with a user-friendly interface and are distributed via the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Decisions are made in memory through the open-source SDKs.

SDK Programming Compatibility

You can deploy code behind feature flags, experiment with A/B tests, and roll out features via Optimizely’s easy-to-use, open-source SDKs. Learn how to initialize and install any of the supported Feature Experimentation SDK languages.

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Last updated: Apr 05, 2022