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Episerver - update 349

Release summary

New releases of Episerver Commerce (notes functionality added to order details, subscription data can exported to create subscription reports) and Episerver Forms (submitted form events now support doing asynchronous calls before submitting data.). Bug fixes for Episerver Labs add-ons Episerver Content Manager and Episerver GridView.

Released items January 12, 2021

Area ID Type Description Released
  Adding/Updating/Deleting an order/cart/subscription note

This feature allows customer service representatives to add notes when managing orders. A Notes tab has been added to the cart, order, and subscriptions views, where you can manage notes and get an overview of the information history for an order.

EPiServer.Commerce 13.28.0; (Or a related package);
Jan 12, 2021
  Viewing notes for orders, carts, and subscriptions

With this feature you can get an overview of notes associated with carts, orders, and subscriptions. Notes are listed by creation date under the Notes tab, and you can access notes details like description and creator of the note.

EPiServer.Commerce 13.28.0; (Or a related package);
Jan 12, 2021
  Create Subscription Report

This feature allows for exporting of subscription data to create subscription reports. The Process subscription scheduled job is modified to update subscription data, and a new tab has been added under Reports for exporting subscription data in the same format as order data (xlsx, csv).

EPiServer.Commerce 13.28.0; (Or a related package);
Jan 12, 2021
  Assets in Commerce Catalog UI do not sort by SortOrder

Fixed issue where assets in the Commerce catalog are incorrectly sorted.

Preconditions: There are 4 images uploaded to a folder in the Media pane in the Commerce Catalog UI: 1.0.jpg, 1.1.jpg, 1.2.jpg and 2.0.jpg.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new product "TestProduct", then open Assets tab to add following images to the product: 1.0.jpg, 1.1.jpg and1.2.jpg.
  2. Open another product/category/catalog, or publish the current "TestProduct" product.
  3. Add 2.0.jpg to "TestProduct".
  4. Repeat the 2nd step.

Expected: The images in the Assets tab folder for "TestProduct" should display with the correct sort order.
(1.0.jpg, 1.1.jpg, 1.2.jpg and 2.0.jpg.)

Actual: Incorrect sort order for added images (1.0.jpg, 2.0.jpg, 1.1.jpg, 1.2.jpg).

EPiServer.Commerce 13.28.0; (Or a related package);
Jan 12, 2021

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Last updated: Jan 12, 2021