Optimizely - update 378

Release summary

Optimizely Content Cloud Version 12 and Commerce Cloud Version 14 on .NET 5 represent our most significant update in the underlying code foundation on which Optimizely builds its CMS and Commerce. Highlights include:

  • Performance. Significant improvements in multiple areas.
  • Cross Platform Support. Hosting and development on different OS.
  • Easier Development Process. Improved configuration management, dependency injection, lesser lines of code, and portable libraries.
  • Modern Tech. Microsoft released .NET Core in 2016 to support portability and a unified approach for implementing on different machines such as Web, Windows Desktop/Store/Phone, and so on.
  • Open Source. Transparency and abundance of support letting the community participate and have faster release cycles.

For information about the move to .NET 5, see Welcome to our information hub.

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Last updated: Sep 28, 2021