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Optimizely - update 379

Release summary

New release of Optimizely Campaign. Bug fixes for Optimizely Forms.

Released items October 5, 2021

Area ID Type Description Released
  3 Contents in several languages are not indexed as expected when using service queue

Fixed an issue where some content was not indexed when using the service queue.

EPiServer.Find.Infrastructure 1.12.3; (Or a related package);
Oct 06, 2021
  QuickEdit does not work with Form element

QuickEdit did not work with Form element.

EPiServer.Forms 4.30.4; (Or a related package);
Oct 05, 2021
  Episerver Forms: Dependency saving issue

Unable to save changes on forms dependency.

EPiServer.Forms 4.30.4; (Or a related package);
Oct 05, 2021
  Episerver forms submit issue

User was able to submit a form multiple times.

EPiServer.Forms 4.30.4; (Or a related package);
Oct 05, 2021
  Form element dependencies not working correctly

Form element dependencies were not working correctly in the CMS Foundation. The "hide" class was not removed when an item was shown.

EPiServer.Forms 4.30.4; (Or a related package);
Oct 05, 2021
  Quick Edit issue in Form elements

Edit window was opened and closed automatically and unpublished changes appeared in Form container.

EPiServer.Forms 4.30.4; (Or a related package);
Oct 05, 2021

Marketing_32.svgOptimizely Campaign

Campaign 9.11

  • User Management: Specify allowed IP addresses

    When creating or editing users, you can now specify allowed IP addresses and IP ranges to restrict access to the user account.

    See also: Managing users in the Optimizely User Guide.

  • REST API: New Smart Campaigns endpoint

    The new REST API endpoint lets you deactivate a Smart Campaign and change the campaign status from "Activated" back to "Activation required".

    See also: Deactivate Smart Campaign in the Swagger documentation.

  • REST API: Extended unsubscribe webhook

    When using webhooks of event type "unsubscribe", the sent event data also includes the "mediaTypesToAddresses" parameter.

    See also: Webhooks in the Optimizely User Guide.

  • Images and attachments: Added delete option

    As part of the rebranding, the "Images and Attachments" feature was redesigned. It is now complete and includes the option to delete created images and attachments.

    See also: Images and attachments in the Optimizely User Guide.

  • Coupon codes: Increased download speed

    To increase the download speed of coupon codes, batch processing is used. This speeds up the download, for example, if you have more than one million coupon codes.

  • Apple Mail Privacy Protection: Optimizely Campaign measures

    Apple's current operating system versions iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey and watchOS 8 include the Apple Mail Privacy Protection which restricts the transmission of tracking information to Optimizely Campaign. Apple caches tracking pixels and external content, and automatically generates email opens. The new Campaign features detect these generated opens and excludes them from KPI analysis for reports.

    See also: Apple Mail Privacy Protection in the Optimizely User Guide.

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Last updated: Oct 05, 2021