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Optimizely - update 467

Release summary

Bug fixes for Optimizely Content Management System (CMS), Optimizely Customized Commerce, Optimizely Search & Navigation, and Optimizely Content Graph.

Released items August 8, 2023

Area ID Type Description Released
  UnifiedWeightsCommand cache is not invalidated

Fixed an issue where if you changed weights in the Search & Navigation UI (Configure > Boosting), the changes were not reflected on the site before the site was restarted because the cache for UnifiedWeightsResult in UnifiedWeightsCommand was not invalidated correctly.

EPiServer.Find 15.1.2;
Aug 08, 2023
  Missing dojo language file

Fixed an issue where the dojo language file was missing.

EPiServer.Find 15.1.2;
Aug 08, 2023
  Unable to delete a host name in the CMS UI when the URL matches a pattern

Fixed an issue that occurred when you created a web site with more than one host name and later tried to delete the host names, all the host names were not deleted. (There was no Delete button.)

EPiServer.CMS.UI 12.22.3;
Aug 08, 2023
  Add a way to fully revert Inline Blocks in Content Area property

Inline blocks in Content Area properties were made opt-in. Fixed an issue so that inline blocks are not turned on by default, no labels are shares when you opt-out, and thre is not Convert to Inline when you opt-out.

EPiServer.CMS.UI 12.22.3;
Aug 08, 2023

Optimizely Customized Commerce

  • COM-16996 – Made scanning for references in catalog content when removing CMS content opt-in – With Episerver.Commerce 14.9.0 and fix COM-14060, Commerce added a feature, so you would get a warning message if a block that was referenced by commerce catalog content was removed. This turned out to be heavy for some dataset, so it is now disabled by default and you must proactively opt-in to get the feature. Commerce 14.14.0

Optimizely Content Graph

  • CG-4342 – Creating a new site causes an error in Foundation site – Fixed an issue that caused an error after you cloned and setup a Foundation site and then tried to create a new site in Foundation. Content Graph 3.2.0

Optimizely Search & Navigation

  • Find-5427 – Use secure hashes for Episerver Find scripts – Episerver Find JavaScript can use hashes that align with current security practices. Find 13.5.8

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Last updated: Aug 08, 2023