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Updated Marketing Automation connectors for EPiServer

Release of updated Marketing Automation connectors for EPiServer.

The connectors are applicable to EPiServer projects version 7.5 and higher. They are available for installation from the EPiServer NuGet feed to your Visual Studio project.

EPiServer latest changes

Refer to Release notes for an overview of latest changes to the EPiServer platform. See Installing EPiServer updates for information on how to install EPiServer updates using NuGet.

Release features

This release contains a bug fix for a formatting error in the EPiServer Add-ons screen:

Previously, when you tried to add a connector from the add-on store, the names of the connectors were too long and were getting truncated.

Updated connectors




Microsoft Dynamics CRM



Known issues

Issue when you install more than 1 marketing automation connector

The Select Form > Folder: MA DB drop-down field may show an incorrect option if you installed more than 1 connector. For example, if you installed the ExactTarget connector, you see the MA DB: [0] Subscriber option in the drop-down field. Because you can use only 1 connector at a time, you uninstall the ExactTarget connector and then install the Salesforce connector. The options for Saleforce should be as follows:

MA DB: [0] Account

MA DB: [1] Campaign

MA DB: [2] Contact

MA DB: [3] Lead

However, because the ExactTarget connector left its option in the database, you see this:

MA DB: [0] Subscriber  <--

MA DB: [1] Campaign

MA DB: [2] Contact

MA DB: [3] Lead

Note: Although the field shows the ExactTarget Subscriber option, the underlying Salesforce Account option displays the correct Salesforce properties.

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Last updated: Jun 10, 2015