When to Use Optimizely's Web Experimentation vs. Feature Experimentation
Aug 24, 2022   73

Chris Vafiadis gives us a stellar presentation on when to use Optimizely's Web Experimentation, when to use Optimizely's Feature Experimentation (previously known as Full Stack), and when to use both products together. Chris breaks down the use cases for each experimentation tool, explaining that Web Experimentation is best used for non-technical changes on websites and Feature Experimentation is best used for developers on other applications such as TV, mobile apps, etc. For more details on how these two products compare, see the product comparison pages for Feature Experimentation and Web Experimentation.

0:00 Introduction

0:27 Considerations (personas, experiment types, digital channels)

1:45 Optimizely Web Experimentation

3:06 Optimizely Feature Experimentation

4:06 Summary

  Web Experimentation, Feature Experimentation, Experimentation