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Experimentation in Microservice Architecture
Sep 23, 2022   86

In this video, Chris Vafiadis helps us navigate our options with Optimizely Feature Experimentation (previously known as Full Stack), specifically when to use which SDKs. His explanation of microservice architecture gives us guidance, showing us where to run in-code experimentation. Chris includes how-to instructions when using Windows, Linux or a Mac iOS. Learn how to use Optimizely Agent with any operating system.

0:00 Introduction

0:34 Deploy with embedded SDKs

1:12 Benefits of embedded SDKs

1:32 Concept of microservices (Monolith, microservices, embedded SDKs, etc.)

2:21 Optimizely Agent

2:52 Benefits of Optimizely Agent

3:15 Deploying Optimizely Agent (Docker or Kubernetes cluster)

3:36 Run Docker on a Mac

5:07 Run Kubernetes cluster with a Helm chart

  Web Experimentation, Feature Experimentation, Experimentation

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