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  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Mar 19, 2009

    When working with EPiServer at least earlier a big problem has been finding good help when you need to develop something. Like “How do I in EPiServer. Is there any examples I can look at?”. Some things might still be a problem to find but it is al...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Mar 19, 2009

    Vi på Euroling kommer delta på SiteVisiondagarna i Örebro 25-26 mars och visa vår nya SiteSeeker-modul för SiteVision. Flera av våra SiteVision-kunder efterfrågade en smidigare integration av SiteSeeker i publiceringsverktyget och mer flexibel...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Mar 18, 2009

    Today at MIX09 ScottGu announced the availability of Silverlight 3 Beta. I am very excited about the new databinding capabilities and the HD streaming support. Microsoft definitely put a lot of efforts in this release. Check out the Silverlight 3...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Mar 18, 2009

    Check out MIX09 keynotes and live sessions as they become available. Video on demand will be provided also soon.

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Mar 18, 2009

    Now that Microsoft is releasing a stable version of IE8 I thought it was time we at EPiServer show how you can use some of the new features with the browser. A few things to check is the toolbar search using Wikipedia, in private browsing and the...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Mar 18, 2009

    A bit more than a week has passed since the great EPiServer Days was hosted in Stockholm, Sweden. It was two days packed with amazing stuff such as keynotes, technical seminars, not-so-technical seminars and heaps of partners and customers – great...

  • Posted on: Mar 18, 2009

    “A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a system of computers networked together across the Internet that cooperate transparently to deliver content most often for the purpose of improving performance, scalability, and...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Mar 18, 2009

    I just made a really simple dynamic content module that I thought I share with you. If you’re one of the three persons who have actually read my article EPiServer Loves UK Top 40 you know that it includes a Twitter search for the latest tweets...