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  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Aug 21, 2009

    I’ve been doing some performance tuning on a large site recently, and one of the problems we had was that clicking pages in edit mode was quite slow. Especially when compared to just clicking around on the site in view mode. When you click a page ...

  • Posted on: Aug 20, 2009

    This article will give some examples of how to work with attributes on users in the EPiServer Community. Attributes can also be used on other objects in the commnuity, such as blogs, but this will not be discussed here. Adding attributes To get it...

  • Posted on: Aug 19, 2009

    Back from a half year of parental leave I started yesterday reading some forum posts. One old thread that had been added to recently contained several requests to alter the appearance of the email body when sending a form posting as an email (the...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Aug 19, 2009

    In a project I’m working on we are using Dynamic Content to display media parts like images, video’s, flash.  Inside this Dynamic Content we are using a PropertyUrl to hold the selected media source. The problem is that when you get the popup with...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Aug 19, 2009

    If you still have Virtual Server running, I would definitely recommend that you first migrate to Windows Hyper-V :) However for the rest of us living in the real world, there is a cool trick to check if virtualization is actually running for your...

  • Posted on: Aug 18, 2009

    Today I was attempting to check out, edit, and check in a document using the Microsoft Office Integration in CMS 5 SP1.  Upon check in I found the dialog to connect to CMS did not contain my user name. To fix this problem I performed the following...

  • Posted on: Aug 18, 2009

    When CMS 5 R2 SP2 was in RC, it included a type to simplify using your own PageData types when building page templates. Before the release we decided to remove this class for two reasons: naming and whether or not it is OK to hide the CurrentPage...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Aug 18, 2009

    It is less than two months when DevReach 2009 will happen again in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is the forth edition of the wonderful conference gathering so many internationally recognized Microsoft Regional Directors, MVPs, INETA and TechEd speakers. T...