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Syndication and sharing

  • Posted on: Nov 18, 2008

    After noticing that the Folder Browser Property had been release on EPiCode . I though I would share my alternative property type for rendering the list in a drop down menu, that I initially developed when CMS 5 was released. Custom property: publ...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Nov 17, 2008

    EPiServer Norway are associated with an EPiServer community project called EPiCode which had its annual awards on the 12th of November as part of the Christmas Tech Forum. I was really pleased to see the Module of the Year award went to my pals ov...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Nov 13, 2008

    It was very fun to read the article in Internet World, where they lists Sweden's best sites in 2008, when Visit Sweden tricks first place. Visit Sweden is a reference project for more than Cloud Nine, who hold the strings. This is an award which...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Nov 13, 2008

    Here's yet another movie. This time I've moved one step further in movie evolution and actually created a "talkie". This is a small demo of how the Northwind Database Product Custom Page Provider I've created works. So if you're too lazy to downlo...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Nov 13, 2008

    Det var mycket roligt att läsa artikeln i Internetworld där de listar sveriges bästa webbplatser 2008, när Visit Sweden knep första platsen. Visit Sweden är ju ett referensprojekt för fler än Cloud Nine , som hållt i trådarna. Detta är en utmärkel...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Nov 13, 2008

    I just had my debut as a bigshot movie director. Hollywood, here I come. Check out the guide here . Download the code here .   Also, check out some of the other cool guides on .

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Nov 12, 2008

    Allan: Occasionally I rent out space on my blog to selected guest blogger's. Today's post is by guest blogger and esteemed colleague, Michael Knudsen.   I have tried to make a list of things that must be done to make the cache update work with...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Nov 11, 2008

    Since Custom page providers is the coolest in EPiServer since the first steps towards objects in EPiServer 3.40, I thought I would demonstrate a few ways of using Page Providers with Extension X3. Prerequisites First of, Page Providers is a new...