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  • Posted on: Jan 22, 2015

    We have released the source code for the expression editor  here  on github.  The editor is used to create expressions for custom promotions in EPiServer Commerce.  You can read the documenation  here  to understand how to use.

  • Posted on: Oct 06, 2014

    In Commerce 8.0, we have dropped the dependency to EPiServer Common Framework. When dropping the dependency, we had to remove all classes in EPiServer.Business.Commerce which had dependencies to EPiServer Common Framework. With the dropped classes...

  • Posted on: Apr 29, 2014

    To make a site work in Commerce 7.5, we have to register a partial router that will handle the catalog routing. The partial router, that comes out of the box, is called ‘hierarical catalog partial router’. This partial router needs to be registere...

  • Posted on: Mar 07, 2014

    Integration testing a EPiServer Commerce site can be tricky. How would you know how to initialize everything in a way so that your tests behaves similar to how your site behaves? In an attempt at answering this question for you I’ve created a samp...

  • Posted on: Dec 09, 2013

    EPiServer Commerce 7.5 offers two different approaches for routing to catalog content: The hierarchical route using the Name in URL property of the ancestor contents, and the SEO URL which has been fused with the Simple address system you know fro...