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  • Posted on: Jul 01, 2021

    As you probably know, we have been busy working on CMS 12 / Commerce 14, the of which has been to support .Net 5 as the underlying framework for our entire Content and Commerce platform. We’ve had a lot of great feedback from the closed beta and a...

  • Posted on: Apr 28, 2021

    Welcome to Happy hour on May 28th instead when we shine the light on B2B Commerce. More info: If you want to join the North American Happy hour instead, at 3:30 - 5:00 PM Easte...

  • Posted on: Apr 22, 2021

    What is  the best load-testing strategy - to invest in a realistic test or take a quick-and-dirty approach? Exactly where to cut away complexity in your load testing depends on your situation, but you may want to use a simplistic version of user...

  • Posted on: Apr 19, 2021

    Zero downtime you say? Smooth Deploy we say. During the last year we have been working on a feature for Content Cloud called Smooth deploy that solve the problem of applying database updates without having to take the site offline. After running a...

  • Posted on: Apr 15, 2021

    Selecting the best solution to optimize the web user experience for users located in China can be a daunting task. I will give some advice and ideas below on how to optimize your web performance in China. Why China is important to you Well if you...

  • Posted on: Mar 22, 2021

    Hi all, Friday is the next Developer Happy Hour! Set your reminder for 15.30 CET Friday March 26th. Bring your drink and find out more about Optimizely and lots more.  Theme:  Optimizely! Welcome and introductions Theme:  Optimizely Special welcom...

  • Posted on: Mar 09, 2021

    Deployments in DXP are designed to be as seamless and non-disruptive as possible. We've also added a few steps that might not always be associated with a deployment process (like automatically configure warmup, validating some configurations to ma...

  • Posted on: Jan 04, 2021

    The intention of this post is to allow anyone who has limited knowledge in how to use the Deployment API to quickly start deploying from their Octopus Deploy server to their DXP environments using the deployment API along with some additional...

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