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CDN Support goes open-source

Last year I did a lot of research on using a CDN with EPiServer CMS, that resulted in a module that I released on my blog.

You can read more about that research here:

Since then at least 1 site is running it live and a few others are thinking about using the module. Today we are making it available as open-source. The module should work with both CMS 5 R2 and CMS 6.

The code is tightly integrated with the URL rewriting mechanism and Virtual Path Provider’s (VPP). Since the module may generate large amounts of calls to the VPP API’s there is also a small cache MicroCache<T> that offloads the resolving of URL’s. The solution also contains a test project.

Let me know if you have any feedback or want to contribute to the project.

Visit the project here: CDN Support for EPiServer CMS

Jun 14, 2010

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