Published on:Apr 15, 2019
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Visual Studio 2019 and Windows Server 2019

The Visual Studio integration now supports Visual Studio 2019, it should shortly be available in the Visual Studio Marketplace (the "Manage Extensions" menu option inside Visual Studio 2019). The Alloy sample templates that is shipped as part of the Visual Studio integration is also available as an open-source project on Github in case you missed that.

Our QA teams have also completed testing the different Episerver products on Windows Server 2019 and its now an officially supported operating system.

Apr 15, 2019

( By valdis, 4/15/2019 11:36:01 AM)

nais nais nais!

( 4/15/2019 12:05:57 PM)

Nice work, next time I think we should have an EAP version rolled out on the RC for users to test then we can have a 0 day launch like Resharper do.

( By KennyG, 4/15/2019 1:47:50 PM)

Very exciting! Great work!

Binh Nguyen
( By Binh Nguyen, 4/16/2019 1:14:13 AM)

Great news!

( By Vincent, 4/16/2019 5:46:35 AM)

I can finally settle down in VS2019. Great work!

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