Bien Nguyen
Apr 17, 2018
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Commerce 12 release

It's my honor to annouce that, in update 210, we shipped a version 12 release of Commerce. This is a major release of Commerce in 2018, as part of our continuous release process. The main focus is on improvements to the order system of Commerce. There is also an improvement related to the catalog system. These improvements require breaking changes to our public API.

Order calculators improvements

There is a new setting added on market and order group, indicating whether prices include tax.

PicesIncludeTax setting on market

And the order calculations will take that setting into account. So now Episerver Commerce supports both US tax style (prices exclude taxes) and European tax style (prices include taxes).

The calculators are also re-structured to make them work more efficiently. The tax calculator calculates only the sales tax and shipping tax for a line item - the lowest level of order. The tax calculation for shipment, order form and order group are moved to corresponding calculators: shipping calculator, order form calculator and order group calculator. The default implementation of calculators are also improved. So that it reduces unnecessary calls to calculators when getting tax values of order entities or getting shipping cost of shipments, which was inefficient especially when using an external tax/shipping services.

Still on the tax improvements, a small one, the tax category which is almost not changed during the order processing is now stored in a line item. So that we don’t need to retrieve it from DB/cache system each time calculating order. One more benefit is that even if the product of the line item of an order was removed, or was no longer taxed after the order had been made, when the order needs to be recalculated, the price of that line item should not be changed.

Workflows improvements

All calculations in activities are now done by using calculators. So that it will ensures the order calculations are consistent between workflow system and no-workflow system.

Catalog system improvements

The events raised when changes to Catalog DTO:s are about saved, the Updating events (e.g CatalogEntryUpdating), are no longer replicated on the remote event channel. The events raised when the change transaction completes, the Updated events (e.g CatalogEntryUpdated), are still replicated. 

API improvements

  • 8 bug fixes (public bugs listed on the Commerce 12 release notes).
  • New properties have been added: MarketIdMarketName, and PricesIncludeTax to IOrderGroup. The Market property has been obsoleted. Therefore a saved order should be complete without any real need to reference other tables/entities.
  • Remove obsoleted APIs.

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Apr 17, 2018


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