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Episerver - update 210

A new release of Episerver Commerce and the add-on Spellchecker for TinyMCE (including breaking changes in both these releases). Bug fixes for Episerver CMS Core, Episerver Visual Studio extension, Episerver Connect for Marketing Automation, Episerver Marketo (including a critical bug fix) and the Forms Marketing Automation connector.

The update applies to Episerver projects version 7.5 and higher, and contains finalized work items included in the latest iteration. Continuous release updates are cumulative to include previous updates. Episerver supports all platform updates and strongly recommends that you keep ongoing projects up-to-date. You can install the updates from the Episerver NuGet feed

Main packages
This release information lists updated main package versions for the Episerver platform. When a release is built, other dependent packages also may be bumped to new versions, although they contain no publicly visible changes. This is done to avoid dependency errors. When you upgrade, NuGet alerts you to upgrade related packages to the required versions. For Commerce, it is important to ensure that you are running the same version of CMS and Commerce, both in the front-end and back-end applications.

Updated main packages

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Episerver CMS Core

Episerver Commerce

New features:

    • COM-4186IncludesTax setting added on IMarket
      A new setting, IncludesTax, has been added for market, which indicates if prices in a market include tax. 
    • COM-4203Calculators have been restructured
      The calculators have been restructured to make them work more efficiently. 
    • COM-5639: New properties have been added to IOrderGroup
      New properties have been added: MarketId, MarketName, and PricesIncludeTax to IOrderGroup. The Market property has been obsoleted. 
    • COM-5638: No recalculation is done for orders that have not changed
      Previously, calculators recalculated prices and taxes even if an order had no changes or if the changes did not affect results. Now, if an order has no changes that affect results, no recalculations take place. 

Episerver DXC Service

New features:

    • Automatic Image Optimization
      This feature reduces the size of the images downloaded from your site, thus decreasing page load time. The image optimization includes both removing unnecessary bloat from an image file, such as the image header and meta data, and applying additional compression with almost unnoticeable visual difference.
    • Application Insights
      For all new projects in DXC-S, we include an Application Insights account and install Application Insights Extension on Azure WebApps. DXC-S customers will get access to Application Insights on all application environments for application monitoring and troubleshooting.

Episerver add-ons

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Last updated: Apr 16, 2018