Daniel Halse
Jun 8, 2023
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Prevent SQL error on CMS 12 minor version update

If using an early version of CMS 12, like 12.0, you will get an SQL error after upgrading to newer patch versions.
The fix for this is minor locally using SQL:

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.netSoftLinksGetBroken

This will create the missing stored procedure and allow it to proceed.
But as this is a pain when dealing with DXP environments there is a better way to fix this before deployment:
  1. Go to reports in the CMS
  2. Run the broken links report
  3. If this fails then you may need to get Optimizely support involved
  4. If this succeeds then the stored procedure above has been created correctly and used
  5. Optionally download the DB from PAAS portal and verify that the dbo.netSoftLinksGetBroken stored procedure is present
This has been raised before:
The bug for which was closed without being fixed:
Bug - CMS-26818 (optimizely.com)
I suspect the issue is mainly visible on new sites / databases only so will more commonly be seen in early development.
Jun 08, 2023


Ethan Schofer
Ethan Schofer Jun 9, 2023 06:02 PM

Daniel - what I have been seeing with this error is that these Stored PRocedures get created, but with the wrong SQL schema. I have to manually update the Schema myself, which is a problem on DXP environments.

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