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Introduction - Blazor + Episerver blog series

Following my presentation and demo of Blazor + Episerver Content Delivery API in Sydney at the Episerver Developer Meetup - July 2019. I've decided to start a series of blog posts to share the content with the global community. 

For those that attended the Sydney meetup, thank you, I had a great time building the proof of concept and I'm keen to expand on it over the coming weeks.

Here is the Blazor slide deck from the meetup: 

This first post in the series is mostly just to announce the series, share the slide deck, and get some general interest going.

In the next post, I'll share some code (via github) including Client-side and Server-side Blazor running against Episerver Content Delivery API

I'm particularly interested in expanding the solution to add Episerver Routing (to the Server-side app) and demonstrate how Javascript interop works, to keep the front-end JS developers happy 😁.

Anyone eager to get a headstart can have a look at these references (included in the slide deck);

Blog Series Updates: 

2019-07-27 - Code available on GitHub -

Jul 13, 2019

Darren Stahlhut
( By Darren Stahlhut, 7/14/2019 2:49:42 AM)

Sorry if anyone caught an authentication error trying to access the link to the Slide Deck, that was my bad 😞, it's been fixed now. The new link is 

( 7/15/2019 7:45:51 AM)

I don't think any front end JS developer is going to be happy when running Blazor 😂. If they can't use the JS framework flavour of the month and learn a new framework every 3 months they are bloody miserable 😂😂😂. 

Darren Stahlhut
( By Darren Stahlhut, 7/16/2019 10:59:18 AM)

@scott haha! I don't know what's more fun. Watching C# devs realise they can write front-end compiled code, or watching JS devs realise that C# devs can write front-end code 😂. 

More seriously, I think Blazor running as a SPA on the client-side will get limited usage in C# community. But I think once we have a hosted CMS able to run on .Net Core, server-side Blazor will become very popular, and can still serve whatever JS framework your front-end developers want to use this month.

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