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Code - Blazor + Episerver blog series

In my last blog, I announced the start of a blog series on Episerver Blazor as a follow up to a presentation I did at the Episerver Sydney Meetup

Today, I'm happy to continue the series with a massive code drop 🎉

Here is the Github repo 👇 

This is a work in progress, I'd love your contributions so please feel free to fork the repo and submit a PR.

The next blog posts in this series will cover the following topics:

  • Getting started with Episerver Blazor, a step-by-step installation guide (for anyone that needs it).
  • Concepts of Blazor, understanding the fundamental questions of why and how to use Blazor. 
  • Getting Episerver Content and Routing running in Blazor.Serverside
  • How to call Javascript Library's from C# using Blazor Javascript Interop.

Please post any comments or issues here or github.

Have an awesome weekend!

Jul 27, 2019

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