Published on:Dec 01, 2021
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Optimizely welcomes Welcome!

Welcome, a four-time Gartner Leader that brings the best capabilities of content marketing platforms (CMP), marketing resource management (MRM) and digital asset management (DAM) together in a single solution, will be joining the Optimizely family!

What does Welcome do? It has built-in features such as a calendar, campaign management, tasks and workflows, DAM, content editing, and performance analytics.

Here are some useful links to help you learn more about Welcome.

Welcome already works with Optimizely Content Cloud using a connector built on the Content Delivery and Content Management API. The connector currently works one way (Welcome -> Optimizely), however, we are already working on making the connector work both ways.

Sign up for a free account now and start exploring the potential of Welcome and how it can further improve the overall martech solution for your clients!

Dec 01, 2021

Johnny Mullaney
( By Johnny Mullaney, 12/2/2021 2:25:46 PM)

Hi Patrick, Very exciting. Maybe Welcome can be a topic in the next Optimizely Dev Happy Hour?

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