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Release Notes for EPiServer CMS 5 R2 SP1/SP2 Demo Templates

This document describes new and changed functionality in the demo templates for EPiServer CMS 5 R2 SP1. The changed functionality is mostly related to the workrooms, and in the following you will find an overview of the changes.


Due to a bug found after the CMS 5 R2 SP1 release regarding friendly URLs, we needed to include  a temporary workaround inside the demo templates workrooms. In the WorkroomPagebase.cs there is a javascript launched to rewrite the value of the action attribute inside the page form tag.

Check also Template Limitations for EPiServer CMS 5 R2 demo templates

Rich Text Editor

The workroom templates have a Rich Text Editor making it possible to do simple content formatting from EPiServer CMS View Mode. WYMeditor is used here, find out more about WYMeditor here. The WYMeditor is wrapped to the custom web control in the demo templates module. 

Workroom Invitation Process

Members of a workroom can be invited through the sending of an invitation e-mail. This is done by the workroom administrator from the "Manage Members" page. There are two types of e-mails, invitation and notification. If the invited members is not a registered user, an invitation e-mail will be sent. If the invited member is already a registered user, a notification e-mail will be sent instead.

E-mail Templates

The demo template package contains two invitation e-mail templates with body and subject areas, accessible from Edit Mode for easy modification of content. You will find one template for the invitation e-mail, and one for the notification e-mail. More invitation e-mail templates can be added.

User Profile Page

The User Profile page is based on normal EPiServer CMS user profile management. For workrooms, the User Profile page is used when inviting internal and external users (existing or not existing in EPiServer CMS), to create necessary user information for being added as a workroom member.

My Settings

Both types of workrooms have a My Settings section. The functionality here is exactly the same as for the My Settings page in the demo template package. 

Layout of Workroom File Manager

The workroom file manager has an updated layout, making it easier to work with folders and files, and version management functionality has been added. You can check in/out of files in the file manager, and you can view the version history for each file.


For each workroom you can create multiple calendars, in order to group calendar events into different subjects such as meetings, events etc. The selection of calendar event date has also been simplified with improved layout. The latest calendar events will be listed on the workroom start page.

News Sections

Just as for calendars, it is possible in each workroom to create multiple news sections, in order to group news items into different subjects or "news rooms". The latest news items will be listed on the workroom start page.


Forum functionality has been added to the standard workroom type. The functionality is the same as for the demo template forums. Sub-forums can be created, and forums and sub-forums of the first level will be displayed in the left menu of the workroom.

Languages for Workrooms

The demo template workrooms are available in English. To avoid mixed languages in workrooms, you should set the avaliable language to English only, and then set the fallback language to English.

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