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Applies to versions: 14 and higher

User interface updates

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Note: This documentation is for the preview version of the upcoming release of CMS 12/Commerce 14/Search & Navigation 14. Features included here might not be complete, and might be changed before becoming available in the public release. This documentation is provided for evaluation purposes only.

This topic describes changes in the Commerce 14 user interface, related to the upgrade to .NET Core and the removal of the Commerce Manager back-end system.

New administration user interface

A new Administration view has been implemented from where you can manage many of the tasks that were previously done from the Commerce Manager administrative user interface.

The new administration view provides support for working with:

  • Markets. Define markets and their languages and currencies.
  • Warehouses. Define warehouses, locations atc.
  • Catalog Indexing. Manage indexing of catalog content.
  • Tax Configuration. Work with taxes and tax categories.
  • Shipping. Manage shippings and shipping methods.
  • Payments. Manage payments and payment mehods.


A new Customers view has also been added, from where  you can work with customers and customer groups, replacing the functionality from Commerce Manager.

Tasks managed from the API

Due to the removal of Commerce Manager, ​the following tasks are now managed through the API:

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Last updated: Jun 29, 2021

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