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EPiServer features - April 2015

What's new in EPiServer? This document summarizes new features added through update 60 of the EPiServer platform, including Projects for CMS, Commerce catalog enhancements, and a new user interface with added functionality for Find. Check out all the new features supporting both end-users and developers in their daily work.

What is new for..?

Features for users

CMS users


This feature allows you to manage multiple content items such as pages, blocks, images (and products if you are using Commerce), and publish them simultaneously, for instance as part of a campaign. You can work with multiple content languages in a project, and the project can be previewed and scheduled for later publishing.


A new compare view lets you compare and edit different versions of content such as pages, blocks and images (and products if you are using Commerce). The compare view also provides convenient access to language versions when translating content on multi-language websites.



Commerce users

Catalog enhancements

Functionality has been added to create, edit and delete catalogs from the Catalog user interface. Thumbnail images are displayed for catalog listings (optional), and in the Catalogs and Media gadgets. Variants related to a product are displayed in an expandable relation view in the catalog listing.

A new tab (Belongs to) clearly displays relations between a variant and associated categories, products, packages and bundles.


Find users

New user interface with added features

Find has a new user interface with easy access to search statistics and optimization taks, and built-in help. Optimization possibilities include new and enhanced functionality for working with best betsrelated queriessynonyms, and editorial autocomplete. Optimization listings can be searched and sorted.


Add-on users

New add-ons

  • Content Collaboration extends CMS with collaboration tools such as commenting, real-time chats and notifications, when working with shared content.

  • Connect for Marketing Automation enables marketers to automate marketing activities based on site visitor behavior, with providers available for Silverpop and Marketo.
  • Visitor Group criteria pack with additional criteria such as display channel and IP range, to use when creating visitor groups.
  • Powerslice allows editors to "slice" large content structures into manageable pieces when working in edit view.


Features for developers

CMS (core and UI) developers

Development general


Security and access


Installation, upgrading and deployment


Commerce developers

Development general

Security and access


Enhancements in the following areas:

Installation, upgrading and deployment


Find developers

Add-on developers

Other features

EPiServer Service API

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Last updated: Apr 15, 2015