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Introducing the Service API

In an effort to help partners and customers with catalog integration between EPiServer Commerce and other systems, we have released a new Service API.

Currently EPiServer Commerce is a required dependency for the Service API, but in the future we will have the ability to have the CMS functions only require EPiServer.Cms.Core. Over time we intend to expand upon the Service API to allow for easier integration points in both Commerce and CMS.

The Service API currently allows for:

  • Bulk importing and exporting of catalog data.
  • Bulk importing of media into the media system.
  • Import and export of episerverdata files.
  • Bulk asset linking between media and catalog content.
  • Catalog restful CRUD operations for managing individual catalogs, nodes, entries, and warehouses.

For examples of how to use the Service API, refer to the documentation and sample client code on Github, links provided below.

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Johan Book
Johan Book Nov 6, 2014 09:00 AM

This looks really promising! Importing (and exporting) catalog data is a central part of the systems we build. Anything that can improve these processes is welcome ;-)

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