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Editor Plug-in



I'm creating an Editor Plug-in. The plug-in need to put som javascript in the editor, here is a part of my code:

function OnMovieDialogClosed(returnValue, callbackArguments)


var plugin = callbackArguments;

var sHTML = '';

var range = plugin.editorDocument.selection.createRange();

sHTML = "<SCRIPT type='text/javascript'>function test { }</SCRIPT><DIV id='moviePlugin'></DIV>";



When I run this the only thing that ends up in the editor is the DIV, the SCRIPT part is ignored. Is there any way to do this? It is possible to put javascript code manually in the editor. I can't find any documentation on the editor API.


May 23, 2008 14:12

There are some limitations in Internet Explorer:

 a) The first tag cannot be a SCRIPT tag
 b) You must have some text in the editor

So, this HTML should work:

<DIV id=moviePlugin>movie</DIV>
<SCRIPT type=text/javascript>function test { }</SCRIPT>

May 23, 2008 16:37

Excellent! Now it works!

 Thank you!

May 24, 2008 14:35
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