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EPiServer 7.5 – update 31

Contains support for multi-publishing of content in projects, and bug fixes for CMS and framework/core.

The update is applicable to EPiServer 7.5 projects and contains finalized work items included in the latest iteration. The update is available for installation from the EPiServer NuGet feed. Continuous release updates are cumulative, meaning that the latest always includes previous updates. All platform updates are supported and we strongly recommend that you keep ongoing projects up to date.

Latest changes

Click a package to see work item details. Refer to the Release notes for an overview of all the latest changes. See Installing EPiServer updates for information on how to install EPiServer updates using NuGet.

Note that from update 6, EPiServer UI components have been converted to a standard NuGet package. The location of packages have changed and might affect you who is going from the first update to the latest update, refer to Changes to location of package contents when upgrading.

Updated packages


Feature Projects (Beta)

With this feature in beta version, you can publish multiple pages and media simultaneously through the Projects gadget. For more information about this feature and user guide, refer to the Projects Beta blog post.

CMS core/framework

For more information about the changes in core, refer to Changes in simple address routing blog post.

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Last updated: Sep 10, 2014