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Episerver - update 143

New releases of Episerver CMS with notifications for content approvals (Beta) and improved scheduled jobs telemetry, Episerver Commerce with improved cart performance, and Episerver Find with improved stemming for Swedish. Also includes fixes for the Episerver Forms Marketing Automation connector.

The update applies to Episerver projects version 7.5 and higher, and contains finalized work items included in the latest iteration. Continuous release updates are cumulative to include previous updates. Episerver supports all platform updates and strongly recommends that you keep ongoing projects up-to-date. You can install the updates from the Episerver NuGet feed.

Main packages
This release information lists updated main package versions for the Episerver platform. When a release is built, other dependent packages also may be bumped to new versions, although they contain no publicly visible changes. This is done to avoid dependency errors. When you upgrade, NuGet alerts you to upgrade related packages to the required versions. For Commerce, it is important to ensure that you are running the same version of CMS and Commerce, both in the front-end and back-end applications.

Updated main packages

Click a package in the list to see work item details.

Episerver CMS Core

New feature:

  • CMS-4525Improved scheduled jobs telemetry
    The telemetry of scheduled jobs has been improved. Among other things, the job history now includes more detailed information, the log size has been increased, and executing a job manually does not change the execution date and time for the next scheduled job. You can also assign a GUID to your job, making it possible to change the name or namespace of the job at a later time. See Scheduled jobs.

Episerver CMS UI

New feature:

  • CMS-2882Content Approval: Notifications (Beta)

    Users who have started a content approval sequence by setting an item to Ready for Review, or are set as approvers, now receive notifications in the user interface.

    The bell icon in the toolbar displays the number of new notifications a user has; click the icon to display a list of notifications. From the notification list, you can go to the item that needs to be reviewed.

    If the notifications should be displayed instantaneously, you need to enable WebSocket support on your web server; otherwise the user interface must be refreshed to display the notifications.

    You can also configure your system to send out email notifications. See Configuring your email server.

Episerver Commerce

New feature:

  • COM-2608: Improved cart performance
    Introduces a new system for storing carts separate from other order groups (purchase orders, payment plans) and in a different format. This significantly improves performance of cart operations, but also purchase order operations since those no longer compete with carts for the same resources. See Serializable carts.

Note: Unfortunately a breaking change was introduced with 10.2.0. In previous versions, DefaultShippingCalculator.GetShippingCost will try to create an instance of IShippingGateway for a configured shipping gateway. In 10.2.0 it will try to create an instance of IShippingPlugin instead. If you are using the new abstraction APIs, you might get an error. See this blog post for a workaround.

Episerver Find

New feature:

  • FIND-1050: Improved stemming for Swedish
    Extended list of exceptions added to the default stemming in Find.

Episerver Add-ons

Important notifications

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Last updated: Dec 27, 2016