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EPiServer - update 36

Contains cloud support for Commerce, autocomplete and autoboosting for Find, and bug fixes for Commerce, CMS and Find.

The update is applicable to EPiServer 7.5 projects and contains finalized work items included in the latest iteration. The update is available for installation from the EPiServer NuGet feed. Continuous release updates are cumulative, meaning that the latest always includes previous updates. All platform updates are supported and we strongly recommend that you keep ongoing projects up to date.

Latest changes

Click a package to see work item details. Refer to the Release notes for an overview of all the latest changes. See Installing EPiServer updates for information on how to install EPiServer updates using NuGet.

Important notifications

Updated packages

CMS core


  • EPiServer.Commerce 8.0.0
  • EPiServer.Commerce.Azure 8.0.0
  • EPiServer.Commerce.Core 8.0.0
  • EPiServer.Commerce.UI 8.0.0
  • EPiServer.Commerce.UI.ManagerIntegration 8.0.0
  • EPiServer.Commerce.FindSearchProvider 8.0.0
  • EPiServer.Commerce.SolrSearchProvider 8.0.0
  • EPiServer.Commerce.Solr35SearchProvider 8.0.0
  • EPiServer.CommerceManager 8.0.0
  • EPiServer.CommerceManager.Azure 8.0.0

Commerce cloud support
With the release of Commerce 8.0.0 we include cloud support for Commerce, meaning that Commerce solutions can now be deployed to Azure Websites and Amazon AWS Platform as a Service (PAAS) environments. Refer to Commerce with cloud support for more information.


Feature #116897 Editorial Autocomplete
Added support for editorial autocomplets, allowing editors to suggest their own autocomplete phrases to be displayed when typing words in a search field.

Feature #114355 Autoboosting
Calculation of "decay" and "number of clicks" now included when calculating boost vaules.

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Last updated: Oct 06, 2014