EPiServer - update 56

New VS installation and performance improvements for Commerce, alternative language SEO support, typed enums support, and allowed roles on UI components for CMS, and fixes for CMS and Commerce.

The update is applicable to EPiServer projects version 7.5 and higher, and contains finalized work items included in the latest iteration. The update is available for installation from the EPiServer NuGet feed. Continuous release updates are cumulative, meaning that the latest always includes previous updates. All platform updates are supported and we strongly recommend that you keep ongoing projects up to date.

Latest changes

Click a package in the list below to see work item details. Refer to Release notes for an overview of latest changes. See Installing EPiServer updates for information on how to install EPiServer updates using NuGet.

Updated packages  

EPiServer CMS Core


  • #120391 Support for SEO alternative languages.
  • #118334 Typed support for enums.
  • #118723 Possibility to set allowed roles on UI components.

EPiServer CMS UI

EPiServer Commerce


  • Simplified installation - #120703 Install Commerce Manager without Deployment Center. The second part of simplifying the installation procedure for Commerce, refer to installation instructions and to the blog post Installing Commerce using Visual Studio extensions.
  • Campaigns and discounts - new features visible in beta mode in the Commerce user interface:
    - #118683 Delete campaign in new UI [BETA]
    - #121385 Create discount (promotion) in new UI [BETA]

  • Campaigns and discounts - back-end parts of the new promotion engine and discounts handling:
  • - #121384 New promotion engine [BETA]
    - #121386 Implement "Buy N from a category get cheapest 1 for free" [BETA] 
  • Performance improvements:
    #119591 Handling larger categories in the new UI
    - #119794 Saving entries
    - #120105 Saving catalog content through Catalog DTO:s
    - #120106 Saving orders
    - #120107 Loading catalog content through DTO
    - #120114 Checking licenses
    - #121379 Synchronizing catalog content
    - #122092 Configuration option to disable catalog content versions, see the blog post Optional performance tweaks in EPiServer Commerce 8.9
    - #122559 Catalog content versions performance

Important notifications

Note the following version-specific information:

  • From update 6, EPiServer UI components (CMS and Commerce after version 7.6.0) have been converted to NuGet packages. Location of packages have changed and might affect the installation if you are going from the first to the latest update, refer to Changes to package locations.
  • From update 35, .NET Framework 4.5 is required, see System requirements and Upgrading to .NET Framework 4.5.
  • Update 36 included breaking changes for Commerce, refer to Breaking changes Commerce 8.
  • From update 40, workflows are disabled by default to simplify Azure deployment. Refer to Activating workflows for information on how to enable them.
  • Update 55 included breaking changes for CMS and Find.

Related information

Last updated: Mar 09, 2015