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Optimizely - update 377

Release summary

New release of Optimizely Campaign and Optimizely Search & Navigation. Bug fixes for Optimizely CMS UI and Optimizely Search & Navigation.

Released items September 21, 2021

Area ID Type Description Released
  Chrome on Mac: Blue border of hovered property doesn't appear

Chrome on Mac: Blue border of hovered property did not appear when you defined a block type containing a video property.

EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.36.1;
Sep 21, 2021
  Invisible mode disabled using a Find V1/V2 index


Find clients on version 13.4.0 - 13.4.4 configured to use an index hosted on a Find v1 or v2 cluster incorrectly disables Invisible Mode.  This disables the indexing queue which is responsible for
1. Processing updates in parallel to the save/publish thread
2. Push updates in batches


The impact is slow save/publishing in the edit UI as updates to Find are sent in the same thread and not in batches.
It would also affect import jobs that trigger content updates.
You will likely see more bulk requests to Find than you usual.

Only Find indexes on Find V1 and V2 clusters are affected. They have a service url that starts with 
https://us-, https://ap- , https://se-https://eu- , htttps://az- or https://es- 

It will not affect the Find indexing job as it doesn't use the queue.


If you're not able to upgrade right away explicitly setting Invisible to True in an init module works as well

ContentIndexer.Instance.Invisible = true;
EPiServer.Find 13.4.5;
Sep 21, 2021
  Performance issue with TrackQueryCommand caused by not reusing ContractResolver

Contract resolver was not reused in some places, which caused performance issues.

EPiServer.Find 13.4.5;
Sep 21, 2021
  Optimization - TrackQueryCommand.Execute caused unnecessary LOH Heap Allocations

TrackQueryCommand.Execute caused unnecessary LOH Heap Allocations

EPiServer.Find 13.4.5;
Sep 21, 2021
  Best bets title and description was not auto-populated for Commerce content

Best bets title and description was not auto-populated for Commerce content.

EPiServer.Find 13.4.5;
Sep 21, 2021

Marketing_32.svgOptimizely Campaign

Campaign 9.10

  • Smart Campaigns: Merge mailing content
    To create new campaigns and mailings even faster and easier, you can now merge mailing content from different campaigns into a new campaign. Select a mailing and specify the content elements and paragraphs you want to merge with the target campaign. A new campaign will be created in the client of the target campaign and the mailing content will be replaced with that of the template. For example, if you do not want to create email headers and footers each time, you can simply transfer these elements to the new campaign.
    See also: Smart Campaigns in the Optimizely User Guide
  • Campaign UI: New help menu
    Due to the restyling of the Campaign UI, the contextual help links were also reworked. You find them in the new help menu in the upper right corner next to the profile icon. If you work with, for example, Smart Campaigns and want to get contextual help, open the help menu, and click "Contextual Help". This link then forwards you to the user documentation of Smart Campaigns.
  • Recipient lists: Improved field name handling
    Internal names of recipient list fields are no longer case sensitive. For example, if a recipient list contains a field with the internal name "salutation", it is handled the same as "SALUTATION" or "saluTATION". This solves issues, for example, if you create field functions to retrieve data from recipient list fields but accidently misspelled the internal field name.
  • Mailings Classic and Reports: Shutdown notification
    If you use Mailings Classic or Reports, you receive a notification in the Campaign UI indicating that the features will be deactivated on 2022-03-01. Please migrate your mailings to Smart Campaigns or and/or your reports to Deep Analytics and the Performance Dashboard by this date.

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Last updated: Sep 21, 2021