Invisible mode disabled using a Find V1/V2 index

Found in

EPiServer.Find 13.4.0

Fixed in

EPiServer.Find 13.4.5


Sep 03, 2021


Feb 21, 2022


Closed, Fixed and tested



Find clients on version 13.4.0 - 13.4.4 configured to use an index hosted on a Find v1 or v2 cluster incorrectly disables Invisible Mode.  This disables the indexing queue which is responsible for
1. Processing updates in parallel to the save/publish thread
2. Push updates in batches


The impact is slow save/publishing in the edit UI as updates to Find are sent in the same thread and not in batches.
It would also affect import jobs that trigger content updates.
You will likely see more bulk requests to Find than you usual.

Only Find indexes on Find V1 and V2 clusters are affected. They have a service url that starts with 
https://us-, https://ap- , https://se-https://eu- , htttps://az- or https://es- 

It will not affect the Find indexing job as it doesn't use the queue.


If you're not able to upgrade right away explicitly setting Invisible to True in an init module works as well

ContentIndexer.Instance.Invisible = true;